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Sandpiper Children's Center

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Sandpiper Children's Center is a child-centered environment that values children’s play and is sure to spark their imaginations. Our qualified staff will help your child prepare for their educational experience by tapping into their natural curiosity about the world around them. Sandpiper is inclusive and respects all cultures and faiths. Our primary focus is on the growth and development of the children and forming a partnership with the parents to assist them in child raising. Sprinkled through the curriculum are some Bible stories, songs and grace before meals. We have the freedom to celebrate Christian holidays while respecting other faiths and traditions.  We are a Quality for ME center and follow the state of Maine’s Early Learning Guidelines. We strive to continually keep abreast of the latest ideologies in Early Childhood Education.  We are governed by a board of directors. We also have a parent committee whose chairperson is represented on the board of managers.